15 Jan 2010

Sharing: Burma Sham 2008 Constitution and 2010 Election by U Aung Htoo

U Aung Htoo, the General Secretary of Burma Lawyers' Council on "2008 Constitution". He said that so long as democratization of Burma is expected, centering on 2010 election to be possibly applied as an important process for gradual change, it will be in the trap of the Senior General Than Shwe. From the aspect of militarization, 2008 constitution is much worse than 1974 constitution. In spite of participation in the 2010 election, the political party, which may win majority seats in the legislature, cannot form any government and rule the country.

The international community which argues to take strategic advantage of 2010 election as a gradual transition argues that if politically aware sectors of the electorate stay away, this could further reduce the changes of candidates not aligned with regime. Actually, regardless of whether aligned with regime or not, sitting as elected representatives in legislature, arisen from 2008 Constitution after 2010 election, is nothing but to make rubber stamp to entrench the military dictatorship in accordance with the constitution. [ Via: BDC TV ]

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