28 Jul 2006

The Glamour Effect

Step 1: Open up a stock image in Photoshop of any size and/or format. The best results for this tutorial usually involve large images with a generally high brightness. Dark areas tend to end up MUCH darker as a result of adding the effect, and may require additional adjustment later.
Step 2: With the background layer selected in the layers palette, choose Layer > Duplicate Layer from the main menu. Select the new duplicated layer in the layers palette (it will be the one on top), and run Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, with a setting of 8px. The value of the blur should be altered to suit the size of your image. If, for example, you have a large image, a setting of 8px to 10px will be sufficient, but for smaller pictures you may have to go down to 1px.

Step 3: With the top layer still active, go to the layers palette, set the blending mode to Overlay, and lower the opacity to 50-60%. And that's it - you can now admire your vibrant and dreamy image!

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