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"KACHIN STATE DAY" Event INVITATION From Kachin Community_UK

Dear Respectable Brothers and Sisters,

We, the Kachin Community in the UK, are honoured to invite you to the 63rd anniversary of “Kachin State Day” event.

Stretching back to history, since the birth of the “Kachin State Day” on 10th January 1948, what is known as historical day of Kachin people, it has been celebrated with spirit of unity over the past years.

We, the Kachin, take pride in preserving and promoting our cultural uniqueness and traditional value, protecting territory, and advancing its interest lies in the centre heart of the Kachin.

Again, on this special occasion, we, the Kachin, would cordially like to welcome you to this event, which we have distinctly crafted, comprise of various exciting programs, such as Kachin cultural show, live music and Kachin traditional food,

We, therefore, sincerely would like to request you of your presence.

We look forward to seeing you.

Sincerely Yours,

The Kachin Community (UK)

***Please find attached files for Invitation letter and Flyer for Detailed Information***

Ordering Ticket via Email or Telephone will be welcomed. You can ask, for this case, the contact persons listed below by mentioning your Name and Address for your Order.

Contact Persons:
Ring Du Lachyung (Chris)
Mobile: 079 3172 0173

Gun Tawng Lashi
Mobile: 075 9576 3340

Mung Ring La Bawmwang
Mobile: 075 9066 2916

Seng Pan Maran
Mobile: 078 5326 7022

Naw Nen
Mobile: 078 6999 9645


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