17 Sep 2011

Top 3 easy ways to free up disk space in Windows 7

1. Run Disk Cleanup Tool :

Follow below steps to run Disk Cleanup Tool :

- Find “Disc” by opening “Windows Explorer”
- Select “Properties” by right clicking “Disc”
- A new window will open, click on Disk Cleanup
- Choose which files to delete from the Disk Cleanup Tool options. You have to tick the checkbox right next to the filename.

2. Turn Unused Windows Features

Its better to remove Windows features that you feel you never use them or they are totally waste. Follow below steps to turn off unused Windows features :

- Click “Start” and find “Control Panel”
- “Control Panel” window will open, find “Programs” options under it
- Simply tick the checkbox if you want particular feature or uncheck the box to disable any feature.

3. Remove Unnecessary Programs

Removing unnecessary programs not only free up disk space but it also makes your Windows system to perform faster. Follow below steps to remove unnecessary programs from your computer :

- Click “Start” and open “Control Panel”
- Find “Programs” options where you can see installed programs.
- Click on unused program and it will give you option of Uninstall, change or repair.
- Click on Uninstall and you just removed the program that you are not using.

via: savedelete.com